The Beginning

I was watching some movie, the name of which name escapes me at the moment, but I remember fairly clearly a point in the film where a character is frazzled in speaking to another character.  The frazzled character is trying to relay a story to the other and says something to the effect of “so much has happened, I don’t know where to start” and the calmer replies “then start at the beginning”

Now why did I describe to you an arbitrary movie scene I could have easily google searched and properly credited? Well to tell you that this is the beginning, just in case that title didn’t communicate it clearly enough.

For a while now I’ve heard the same thing “You’ve got to start speaking, get your thoughts out there!” and I’ve started to listen.  I’ve utilized my voice more and more, speeches, marches, conferences, panels, etc.  I think the spoken word is beautiful, but the written word is just as important.  I’d like to hone my skills, I always prided myself on my writing ability when I was younger, but I feel as though I’ve gotten further and further away from that.  My freshman year of college my English professor avidly encouraged I switch my major to English, though I always partially suspected maybe that was just because he was attracted to me.  Recently I was asked my a professor at my school to contribute to a blog he runs/curates and immediately I was apprehensive.  His blog is filled with great pieces both original and by other contributors and I felt nervous..frightened.  Before writing used to be exciting when I was confident, but that gave way to boredom and then complacency.  Now here I am scared to use my voice! Amazing that there is such difference for me between speaking and writing, before I’d never balk at the chance to put pen to paper (or fingertip to keyboard?).  So this is an endeavor in self-improvement and rediscovery.  I don’t want to sound cliche and whimsical, but I do want to work again.  To become more cohesive in my skill, perfect my voice on print as much as in air and be more like that confident 18 year old writer and less of this complacent 22 year old talker.


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