Do not set me ablaze just for the light
Do not turn my blood to oil
Do not scorch my name in effigy
And do not use me as your kindling

I will not be your lesson

Nor your hearth

Men will strike matches against your thighs to keep themselves warm and marvel at the shadows that are cast along the wall

They will stoke you until they can dance and sing of freedom by the shine of the light you cast

Will press up against you to absorb your radiance
Hovering hands with open palms pushed against your heat
Gathering, taking, siphon until embers fade dull against piles of decay
Their breath ghosting out like clouds in the wake of your fire

Make no mistake I am not your bond fire and I do not burn for you

I burn for me

Always for me

I set myself alight and dance in time to the sound of my own skin cracking

My destruction is not the meter by which your dance begins

It is neither the ghost light for your stage

My own light is my own


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