Divine Vulgarity


I told him I’d cum on his dick
But not on his face
Never on his mouth

My pussy is too good for him

Too sweet
Too pretty
To saintly

His tongue will never drip with my righteousness
His lips will never widen to grin with my glistening wet

It’s far too intimate a dance between licks and labia
Far too delicate a balance between teeth and tongue

No kisses
no nips
It’s my lips and his
and never shall the two meet

I’ve an expanse of canvas for him to admire,
why should he fixate when he can go anywhere else?


His cock
is far less sanctified

After all
he prays with his mouth
Words tumbling out at the alter
Where he worships
I’d hate for prayers to tumble into me
When he worships at mine

The weight of the silent praises he sings against me

Pushed deeper by his tongue
Filling me up
Weighing me down
Stinging me

Like nettles
From the inside
Singeing me

Like candles
Offered with intention
I am no shrine
At least I am not his
My pussy is not a place for prayer,
It will only swallow your pious words
To chant in me for your deliverance
Is to spend on me your breath


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