On Deck

I mentioned in a previous post working on an analysis of the Cartoon Network series Over The Garden Wall which will soon be posted.  I am also setting my sights ahead and looking to expand my writing to reflect other aspects of my life, namely kink and fetishism.  As I gain experience and subsequently perspective I feel myself called to reflect that through my writing.

I have long wanted to write about sexuality, but as I developed as an activist this piece of me was pushed to the back burner.  As I have more and more discovered the intersection of these two I am excited to chart further.  A recent talk by black feminist icon Feminista Jones during the Explore More Sexuality Summit inspired me to commit more to being a person who speaks about the intersection of activism, liberation and sexuality. Namely to the relation between black feminist thought and conscious sexuality.

At the moment I am working on a piece about kink as a platform for reconciling trauma.  The emphasis of this will be how BDSM (safe, sane, consensual- none of that 50 Shades bullshit) offers a platform for overcoming race and gender based personal and historical trauma.  Speaking specifically about bondage, impact play, and consensual-non-consent as well as the significance of aftercare in play / scenes.   It has been a while since I openly discussed sexuality, which I largely stopped doing for lack of space to do so.  Rather than keep silent why not create a space where there is none? So that is what I am doing.


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