CAIR Model for Introspection and Better Activism

Below is a brief model I devised for prioritizing introspection and making sure your organizing is effective and evolving.  Will more than likely be a work in progress! So stay tuned!

C-Am I Calling people in? Am I Checking-in with them?

*Am I making sure to hold myself and those around me to a _____standard? In what ways am I addressing myself and others when slip-ups and ignorance arise? Do I take the time to ask others to teach themselves and am I open to admitting when I am wrong?

Am I regularly checking with myself and those around me as we do exhausting intellectual labor? Am I making sure the populations I am serving are having their needs met? How am I reconciling what I march for with my actions to the community around me?

A-Is my space Accessible?

*Have I made sure that the spaces I am creating are not only physically accessible to people of varying abilities, but have I also made sure my language is accessible and understandable to all? Have I done my diligence in spreading information to those who may be interested? Am I supporting all experiences and identities by actively calling out things like white supremacy, transphobia, ableism, cissexism, misogynoir etc when they appear?

I-Am I being Intentional?

*In both creation and facilitation have I made sure to cultivate spaces that I know are safe(r), in In what deliberate ways have I prioritized the experiences of the marginalized, how have I amplified their voices and have I avoided co-opting their movement? Is this space for me? Should I be the face of it?

R-Is this Radical?

*Does this challenge what is oppressive and systemic?


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