We laugh at the folly
Giggle at the fall
We marvel at the jester and his antics
Smile and revel at a class clown
Make me laugh funny man!
Make us glee! Give us delight!

We love to fix our gaze upon the feet of the fool
How gay his dance
How wild his song


Image result for dagger

Damocles is damned
We know this
His head so heavy with the weight of the crown

We understand the King
We want to

But we never turn our empathy to the ass
The weight of the crown
But what about the weight of the yolk?                                                                                        Yes, the weight of that yoke

Always the prey
Ever the fowl

The imbecile’s job is never easy
Masking his tears with our own
Clever is the dunce
To have tricked us all

Fool, Jester, Child, Costume, Comedy


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