FUCK I just wanted to BE with you 

I’m so sorry
I’m so sorry

I just wanted YOU 
I wanted you 

I know I overstepped 
Wanted you too fervently 
Prayed for you too diligently 
I was too proud and too bold 

I’m always Icarus
Always Babel 

But it was you 
Oh lord it was you 
How could I not burn for you? 
Spend my oil for the sight of you? 
Waste my wick by the light of you? 

You were so sweet in my mouth 
So sharp in my mind 

I almost had you
Almost held you 

Do you remember?

You almost had me too you know 
But you let go at the end 
Kept your eyes closed 
I had swim away to keep my own head above 

There’s no way to tread water with your corpse in my arms 


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