Alice’s Bottle 

White girl crying 

Why are you crying? 

Oh please, please don’t cry 

Smile, it’s okay 

Shhhh pretty baby 

No, no don’t cry 

Wipe those tears

Give us a smile…

There you go 

Black bitch!

Why you so angry? 

Calm down babygirl

What you yelling for? 

Always so damn hornery

So hard headed! 

Rolling your eyes? Smacking those lips? 

Don’t you know your place, black bitch?

You’re at the heel, you come at the end 

After Miss Daisy 

Don’t you know your place is with Atlas? 

Always the mule, ever the ass 

Oh black girl, dare you dream? 

Those white woman’s tears will drown you, black bitch
You better let ’em


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