What’s up next? 

A while ago I mentioned working on a brief analysis of OTGW (Over The Garden Wall) and I’d very much like to crank that out soon! Initially I promised it would be out within a week of me posting about it….but that was several months ago (oops). Sometimes life gets in the way of life, I will get to the piece when I am in a better place to do so, which hopefully will be soon! I am also working on some queer media studies!! I recently put out a call for collaborators onthe latest essay I want to write.  It’s going to be about the anime Hunter x Hunter and how the show offers a model for healing.  More specifically the aim for the paper is  how queer love, intentional community building, and unconditional friendship are innately radical acts that have the potential to heal our collective trauma and how art is a medium by which we can learn to love and uplift ourselves.  

I am looking to style it similarly to my comic con presentation about Stranger Things, which focused on applying Jungian philosophy to facets of the show, specifically how Inside v Outside archetypes were juxtaposed with liminality.  This time I’m not sure I want to focus on Jungian theory, but instead discuss my other favorite topic: trauma.  I really enjoyed discussing the complexity of otherwise abstract concepts like inside v outside as character archetypes, but the focus of this will be a bit less inclined towards that kind of psychology.  I think they will be similar in that they are both sort of academic reviews of popular media.  I suppose the more I unpack the direction I want to go in with this piece the more I note the differences between that presentation and this piece. Anyway I know no one really reads this, but I’m always open to collaborating on pieces! So if by some chance you see this and have a burning desire to write about anime and trauma then hit a bitch up! 


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