Stone Heights 

I hate this place
It reminds me of the worst parts of myself
The parts I’ve tried so hard to kill with love 
And sometimes without


The parts of me that want so badly to scrub my 
skin til it bleeds white 
This place has nothing for me and never did 
The place molds me into the smallest version 
Quiets my loud 
Erases my steps 

This place that taught me I was ugly 
That my skin was as dark as my shadow  
For being anything more than concrete 
This place that showed me acceptance from 
others meant rejecting myself constantly 
Where I learned the lonliness of being the only
 person that looks like you 
Where my fresh young eyes learned to read 
rejection in the gaze of adults 

Where violence was a daily battle I didn’t even 
know I was fighting 
This place that tried to wash the black out of me 
and left me blind
So that I couldn’t see my own reflection until so
 many years after I’d left


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