I love you, Marge! 

I got spanked at Ho Brunch (pretty self explanatory tbh) the other day and immediately after one of the other ho’s offered to snap a pic.  Wanting to see my ass post beating I was happy to pose.  So then I had this pic in my phone and had nowhere to put it…I honestly just wanted a place to share it so I figured why not here?

 In a way this is just another vain attempt at getting attention for my body, in the same way it is an attempt at liberating myself from the way my body is policed as a black femme.  Is it corny to say that this (wonderful) butt pic taken immediately after I got spanked while playing truth or dare with a bunch of strangers is liberating? Maybe so.  

On the one hand posing for risqué pics and asserting that you are in ultimate control of your sexuality is hackneyed.  Congrats you played right into the male gaze! What a revolutionary, Margaret Atwood would be so proud! I am deeply aware that posting an ass pic on my blog is hardly the pinnacle of radical action.  I don’t feel that this pic (splendid as it is) will liberate me from the “Male fantasies” Atwood described. I’m not sure it is ever possible to move beyond those- but also who cares? 

Is that too cliche? Is it too corny? Has apathy lost its edge? I’m a nihilist at best and a brat at worst so please tell me plainly if it’s bad that i just can’t muster enough of myself to be bothered.  Sometimes you just wanna show off your ass?? Is that a crime? I was always told that sharing is caring and so in that way me sharing my ass with you is a radical act of community building and (potentially) cross-cultural solidarity.  My queer femme ass wants to be seen! What does it mean to really be seen? Does this not add another layer to the radical onion that is my booty pic? If I understand identity as innately performative and believe that we create our identities to be consumed by others then right now, as I ask you to eat my ass, isn’t this the height of philosophic praxis? I think so….

You can ignore all of the drivel I spewed above if you want, it all boils down to the simple truth that I think it’s a dope pic.  I like the way my ass looks here, sue me.  
Anyway….here’s my ass


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