Mulligan Stew

Where do you go when you don’t come back? 

Beyond the moon and into the black 

Somewhere past the brightest star 

Into the nothing and twice as far 

Cold and lonely?

 Or bold and bright? 

Where do you wander at the dead of night? 

Into the forest and past the trees 

I hear your name in the softest breeze 

Sometimes I remember your name and face 

Thinking of you in some far off place 

When you’re gone for so long 

Where do you go? 

Can you ever remember all the things that you know? 

Can you ever return after you’ve left? 

Can you really come home, back to my breast? 

Will I ever stop missing you? 

Will I ever be free? 

Will there ever be a time for you and for me? 

I don’t know the answer 

And I don’t think I will 

I think of you often 

 Wracked by the chill 

I ask myself questions that I’ll never know 

When will I move forward, when will I grow?

I bury these thoughts with worms in the ground 

Inevitably, of course, they circle back ’round

Where do you go when you don’t come back 

Past the moon and beyond the black 

Will there be a time when I know you again? 

Will you reach from beyond me before it all ends? 

You know I won’t wait for you 

Despite what you want 

Once you leave a home it’s not yours to haunt 


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