Trauma boy 
Oh trauma boy
You played me like I was a toy 

With so much pain 
And fleeting joy

You gave me scars 
Oh trauma boy 

Yes, there were times
I did enjoy 
The mental games you did employ 
All the times you pretended 
to be so coy 
I can admit this, trauma boy 

Now I can see
 It was all ploy 
You only know how to destroy 
Take my light and steal my joy 
Is what you did 
oh trauma boy

Your love for me was just decoy 
And countless mines you did deploy 
With false sweetness you made me cloy
I emptied myself for you
Trauma boy 

Trauma boy 
Oh, trauma boy 
You’ve changed my life 
Sweet trauma boy   

From Timbuktu down to Hanoi 
You’ll always be 
My trauma, boy 


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