Ballad and Dance 

The non-profit industrial complex is filled with shit and I can smell it when this woman speaks 

yall bring y’all liberalism into our spaces and there is NO ROOM

You twist and fit your egos into the space and 

there is NO ROOM 

When you’re not engaging in that performative 

bs you make space for those that do 

You’ve left the stage and walked straight into the audience 

Can’t you hear these lies 

See these webs being spun?????

Can you smell and taste the snake oil?

This is poison 

We’ve charlatans in our midst and you’ve all fallen prey 

Turning you for a fool

Marking you for the fowl 

None of this is radical 

None of this is legitimate

None of this is accessible 

None of this is real 

None of this is radical 

None of this is radical 

None of this is radical 

Nothing here is authentic 
Liberals are going to fucking kill us all

Truly truly they will 

You’ve all brought your liberalism to the revolution 
In little bags and purses 

Backpacks and totes 

Fanny packs and satchels 

You’ve tucked it into your heels and slipped it into your shoes 

It sticks our from the gaps between your teeth 

Edges pointing sharply from your jean pockets 

You keep it alligned with your smart trip 

Put it where you keep your keys to your apartment on Florida Ave 
You’ve got no answers 

You’ve got no interests 
There is only ego here 

What do we do when we leave the room? 

Go back to the office? 

Of course 

You fix your lips to talk about work but have no concept 

You all talk of shame 
But yet you are shameless 









On all of you 

On you all 



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