Welcome to my soapbox! My space to relay, articulate, translate and digest.

This blog features my original writing and some visual art.  Much of my writing centers around concepts of liberation and celebrating freedom of the self.  I discuss core aspects of my own life and identity so you will find much in the way of black identity, activism, womanism, queer body politics, liberation work, sexual liberation, kink, and other similar endeavors. If those offend you look away- the show goes on whether you watch or not.

Voice is my power; my ability to encapsulate and communicate are my strongest assets.

Throughout my work, by utilizing an intersectional approach I aim to foster communal discussion regarding marginalized identity with an emphasis on the experiences of queer black women.  By focusing on accountability, transparency, communication, and introspection to frame much of my work I place emphasis on the importance of the self as dynamic to analyze how bodies interact with what is systemic.

At every level, in all ways-I prioritize and emphasize liberation over liberalism. 

This is a work in progress so listen if you like.

Thank you for being here.



Accountability is incredibly important to me, both professionally and personally.  A significant aspect of being accountable is not only naming harm we have done, but also recognizing our capability to do harm.  As sex educators it is especially critical we mind how we engage others and spaces.  This means not just being responsive to things we have done, but being proactive and creating intentional spaces for those we engage with to come forward and call us in.

In keeping true to that below is a link to a google form where you can submit reports of discomfort, abuse, manipulation, coercion or violence that you have experienced from me.  These are taken very seriously and the form offers an avenue to practice transformative justice for all parties involved and prioritizes healing of those who have experienced harm. If you would like to submit a response please access it here