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My name is Alex, I am a 25-year-old artist, sex educator and trauma education specialist based near Washington, DC. My work focuses on community building, education, learning, and leftism. Much of my work is aimed specifically at decolonization and liberation from binary systems- this includes binary frameworks related to race, gender, health, and beyond. Originally from Washington, I went to school in New Jersey where I received my BA in Psychology from Rutgers University, before returning home to work in public health and harm reduction.

As a non-binary black person, I work diligently to prioritize the voices and experiences of the marginalized at every level. As someone who prioritizes values of harm-reduction, I believe in accessibility and meeting folks where they are through support, education, and empowerment. Through sex education, my aim is to engage in critical discussions about identity, trauma, sex, and sexuality ultimately working to know more about the way we as people perceive sex and why that is. If we can understand our attitudes and experiences surrounding sex we can move forward together into deeper understanding, acceptance and create stronger bonds of community that endure.