Been exploring my masculinity lately… 


Diana Wonders

How do you use your body to block itself 

Shield your stomach with your own arms 

Left hand over chest 

Right hand over breast 

It hurts to contort myself in these ways 

I’m so tired of twisting and bending to avoid the gaze 

I want to feel free to show myself

Anything Can Be A Slur With Enough Conviction 

It was the way they said it

The way they let the words hang in their mouth

Gathering warmth 

Collecting their anger 

Like a curse being charged before being cast 

Hurled like a slur 

and slamming against my temples 

Like a brick through a window 

M.A.D. City  

Making love doesn’t need to be 

slow burn and candles

It doesn’t have to be wine 

and Marvins crooning

I want to make love with your hands 

Around my throat 


I want my eyes to roll back in my head

 From how hard you’re fucking me 

Pep Girl

White woman steps into my conversation 

Tracking the mud from her Docs

Across my throat